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tomato spread

Christo's began with the idea of creating a truly unique product that contained only the finest ingredients. The Rohrer brothers knew from experience that if they sourced only the finest ingredients, all would combine to form nothing short of culinary excellence. The goal was simply to produce only the best from the best. Many vendors encouraged them to purchase less expensive ingredients, but everyone they tried stuck out like a sore thumb.

The recipe only worked when all the ingredients were able to show their own particular brilliance. Combined together these ingredients created a symphony of flavors. The brothers knew from the beginning that they would never forsake quality for profit.

Keeping true to this promise Christo’s believes their selection of the best ingredients consistently produces the one of a kind Christo’s Sun Dried Tomato Spread. Adhering to these long established principles has kept many customers loyal for over 20 years.

Christo's Sun Dried Tomato Spread is highlighted by a perfectly ripe Roma tomato aged slowly in the sun, which becomes the centerpiece of what will become the basis of the spread. To this, they add extra virgin olive oil, Grade AA first quality butter, aged Romano cheese, fresh squeezed Lime juice, Oregon's finest Red Raspberries, Garlic, Onion and array of the best herbs and spices.

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