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  • What makes the Sun Dried Tomato Spread so delicious?
    The finest ingredients, a lot of love, and tons of hard work
  • How long will the spread last in my refrigerator?
    The spread is good in the fridge for 12 weeks and can be frozen for up to a Year.
  • Do you wholesale the Sun Dried Tomato Spread?
    Yes we do! Please email us at for more details.
  • Is this the same yummy spread that...
    is at Bruegger's Bagels that is so delicious? Yes, it is.
  • I love this spread and I don't ever want to run out. Can you set me up so I don't run out?
    Absolutely! When shopping you will see an option called the "Never Run Out". Select that option and you're good to go and we'll ship to you monthly so you never go without.
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